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Size Guide

Here you will find the size chart of dresses and skirts from the House of chickaDee and also a few little tips on how to measure to help you in your sizing choice. We want you to feel fabulous but also comfortable in your choice!

                                         UK and EU sizes for tea dresses

size 8/36:  Bust = 34" or 86cm, Waist = 26" or 66cm

size 10/38: Bust = 36" or 91cm, Waist = 28" or 71cm

size 12/40: Bust = 37" or 94cm, Waist = 30" or 76cm

size 14/42: Bust =  39" or 102cm, Waist = 31" or 78cm

size 16/44: Bust = 41" or 104cm, Waist = 33" or 84cm

size 18/46: Bust = 43" or 109cm, Waist = 36" or 91cm

                                       UK and EU sizes for kimono sleeve dress

Xsmall = 8/10 or 36/38

Small = 10/12 or 38/40

Medium = 12/14 or 40/42

Large = 14/16 or 42/44

Xlarge = 16/18 or 44/46

                                        UK and EU sizes for skirts

Size 8/36: Waist= 26" or 66cm

Size 10/38: Waist= 28" or 71cm

Size 12/40: Waist= 30" or 76cm

Size 14/42: Waist= 31" or 78cm

Size 16/44: Waist= 33" or 84cm


1: Measure your bust

Wearing just your bra, take a measuring tape and wrap around the fullest part of your bust. Check the tape is level at the back and hold it snugly, but not tightly, around you. Measure in inches or centimetres and round up to the nearest number.

2: Measure your waist

Again, just in your undies, wrap a tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist, also known as the natural waist. This is roughly just above the belly button. Measure in inches or centimetres and round up to the nearest number.

Now you can compare these two measurements with our size guide and get the perfect fit for you. In general, a little ease is always better than a too tight dress, especially if you have some dancing to do! Also, better to be a bit loose on the waist than on the bust.

If you are really between two sizes, please don't hesitate in contacting us as we can always fit an alternative size bodice to skirt i.e a size 10 bodice to a size 12 skirt but be aware that I cannot take a return on an item that has been cut to your specification.

Voila mesdames. Hope that helps you in finding the dress of your dreams!